Carlos Whitlock Porter


An American ex-patriate, skilled linguist and translator living in Belgium and author of numerous books -- "Not Guilty at Nuremberg", "Made in Russia: The Holocaust" subtitled "The German Defenses Case" -- Porter was charged by the Germans in 1997. He refused to attend the trial, was tried in absentia and convicted. He responded with a defiant, blistering Emile Zola-like excoriating written counterattack to the judge in his case, and presently is waiting to be arrested and taken to Germany to serve his sentence there.


Charged, tried in absentia, and convicted in Germany.


Porter, Carlos W. "If you can't eat 'em, beat 'em (or, How I killed thousands with my bare hands)." The Journal of Historical Review, Fall, 1990; vol. 10 no. 3: p. 379.

For more information:

Porter, Carlos W. Made in Russia: The Holocaust. Reviewed by Ted O'Keefe. The Journal of Historical Review, Spring, 1989; vol. 09 no. 1: p. 89.

Porter, Carlos W. Not Guilty at Nuremberg. Reviewed by: Karl Brecht. The Journal of Historical Review, Fall, 1989; vol. 09 no. 3: p. 353.


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