Fred Leuchter's statement to the press

This statement came following a December 11 court appearance in Malden, Massachusetts, where Leuchter has been charged with falsely representing himself as an engineer, Leuchter and his counsel, Kirk Lyons, told reporters that he was preparing a sweeping lawsuit against several Jewish organizations, including the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation and the Association of Holocaust Survivors and Friends in Pursuit of Justice, three state governments, and numerous individuals.

Leuchter told reporters at an outdoor press conference held at the Malden Government Center, his legal problem is only part of a campaign of economic boycott and personal vilification which has been orchestrated against him nationwide following his testimony at the second trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto.


Statement by Fred A Leuchter, Jr. to the assembled press

The reason that I have been brought before the court on this spurious charge of representing myself as being a registered engineer without being registered is because of my report and testimony before the Canadian court, regarding my findings as to the non-existence of the alleged Nazi homicidal gas chambers at the Auschwitz complex in Poland . . .

I stand fully behind my report. Because certain groups and individuals did not like my findings, these groups and individuals have formed an international cabal to destroy the report. Unable to do this, since the report and the truths contained therein speak for themselves, this international gang of free-speech busters determined to destroy me personally and economically -- and that they may already have accomplished. Through a program of threats to innocent people, lies, slander, and libel about myself and my equipment, they have set about to destroy my civil rights and the civil rights of every American alive today. They have and would continue to deprive me and you of our right to free speech, free thought, and our right to make a living. They would and have interfered with the very fiber of our judicial system, Constitution, and Bill of Rights by attacking expert witnesses who would testify before the courts. This is what they have done to me and apparently would do to others who believe the earth is round and not flat. If allowed to continue, no expert witness would be safe, and our great judicial system would be unable to ascertain the truth in any legal matter which is contrary to their belief and their hidden agenda.


This witch hunt must and will stop. I give fair warning to all those who are part of this international cabal, to all those who have unjustly attacked me and violated my civil rights -- to the Klarsfelds, Shapiros, and Kahns of this world, Fred Leuchter is coming for you! You will be brought to answer in those same courts and before that same judicial system you have sought to destroy. A civil suit is being investigated that will address this conspiracy to destroy me and the ongoing attempt to destroy my livelihood through threats, legislation, intimidation, selective and malicious prosecution, lies, slander, and libel. It is most likely that my business has been totally destroyed due to the actions of those free-speech bashers.

The Salem Witch Trials ended in 1692, and the lesson learned there is that societal dogmas and prejudice must give way to the scientific method and historical analysis. This may hurt feelings and long-held beliefs, but the truth often hurts. I'm sure Columbus, Galileo, and Copernicus caused emotional harm to those who promoted the flat earth theory, but that did not stop the earth from being a sphere.

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